Browser Detection Shim for jQuery

Posted on Wed 06 February 2013 in jQuery • Tagged with jquery browserLeave a comment

We started the process of getting rid of deprecated methods in order to migrate to jQuery 1.9, but the removal of $.browser was a no go for us. I pulled jQuery's browser detection code and packaged it into a closure, with a few minor changes for past encountered ...

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Setting your tabindex on your html forms automatically with jQuery

Posted on Thu 18 December 2008 in jQuery • Tagged with input, jquery, tabindexLeave a comment

The tabindex is absolutely necessary for controlling the tab order through a really long form, from a usability and accessibility standpoint. This is probably not the preferred way to do this, you should be setting the tabindex attribute on all of your input elements in your html. Now if you ...

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Prevent double submit with jQuery

Posted on Tue 16 September 2008 in jQuery • Tagged with javascript, jquery, submitLeave a comment

Another great "little" solution with jQuery. Needed a simple way to protect all the forms on our site from being double submitted. There was an attempted solution in place on our app, that added an onsubmit to every form with a function above it called ignoreDoubleSubmit that tried to trap ...

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Input focus with jQuery

Posted on Mon 16 June 2008 in jQuery • Tagged with focus, html, jqueryLeave a comment

Form input focus always seems a pain to me, I don't like all of the generated inline javascript that struts or other frameworks add to accomplish this and it always seems to be one issue or another. So here's a simple solution that applies focus to the last ...

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Default html button submit on enter with JQuery

Posted on Thu 24 April 2008 in jQuery • Tagged with html, jquery, submitLeave a comment

I basically needed the update button to be the default action on clicking enter in the form, but there were multiple submit buttons in my form and they weren't in the order I needed due to UI design. This was a quick and dirty solution to select an html ...

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Suckerfish DHTML dropdown menu with JQuery

Posted on Thu 21 February 2008 in jQuery • Tagged with javascript, jquery, suckerfishLeave a comment

DHTML dropdown menu's have been greatly improved in terms of accessibility, standards compliance, and weight using the Suckerfish technique of building pure CSS-based menus and then attaching a small javascript that allows Internet Explorer 6 to mimic the CSS hover method. Once the die-hards hanging onto IE6 let go ...

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