Naive Architect

A long time ago in a company far far away, I was an Architect, performing reviews and yelling at squad leaders thinking I knew best. Got wind of this “Jedi Master” working with the squads, the word was this master had blue hair and was spreading the force all over the Silicon galaxy. A run in with this Master caused anger to swell, he mentioned techniques being followed were wrong and would lead to the dark side. A skeptic always, his thoughts dismissed they were. Time passed and a fly by of an agile pod revealed the entire squad sitting around a single screen, working together. After, a princess says to me she participated in a “mob session”. The stars connected and replied I did, “This is when a squad sits around a single screen and works on the same thing? That’s Stupid!!” She replied, “You should give it a try.” Resist I did.


Eventually the Princess convinced me to open my mind and accept the force, the force was strong. Attended my first mob programming session, I did. It was a strict randori style. The padwan was not to think, but listen. If the padwan misunderstood, explicit instructions were given. Quickly noticed, that the core group spoke their own language, it all sounded like Wookie. The squad was one with the force and moved quickly.


Convinced the force was strong with this Jedi Master, invited him to teach us, we did. Resistance was met, new language was developed, new tasks conquered, the force was strong. The Jedi Master moved the strongest with the force to be facilitators. Teaching others to Mob and spreading the the force to new squads.


The squad spent the next year mob programming. to learn new technologies and new languages. Always evolving and using the group to iterate on new and better solutions. The galaxy was ours and we ran the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. Mob Programming drastically changed the way we coded and the way we approached new problems. Every Jedi was on the same page, bugs were diminished, the force was strong. Along the journey every Jedi must build their own lightsaber, MobTime was my lightsaber. We used other timers in the beginning, but our padwans needed something more. I crafted MobTime to teach the Padwans and help the defiant unruly ones to follow the rules.

New Masters

Moving on to new galaxies and new adventures and new Padwans. Forever grateful we will be, for the lessons learned from Jedi Master, Llewellyn Falco. Brought Mob Programming and many other learnings did he. We will continue to teach new Padwans the way of the Force.