For some reason today, boredom or whatever, I was hell bent on getting the Angry Birds theme song onto my iPhone to replace that stupid Marimba ringtone. First task was to find or make the ringtone, I found one offered up for free here Not quite sure yet how I was going to manage getting the ringtone on to my phone, I copied the link for the theme song from the web page,, and emailed it to myself.

Now that I had the link, through trial and error I figured out the rest. There are a couple of apps you’ll need to have in order to download the ringtone and get it to the proper place on your iPhone. The first app you’ll need is iDownloader, you can find this app in the appstore. The second app you’ll need is iFile, which can be found in Cydia, yes your phone will need to be jailbroken to accomplish this, I know I’ll see comments about how you could do this all with iFile, or use iFile and the Safari downloader from Cydia. Well i couldn’t get the webserver on iFile to start and I happened to have these apps on my iPhone already so this is what I used to make it happen, if you already knew how to do this you could write your own blog post about it…

  1. Start by opening iDownloader and pasting the link into the Address bar, you’ll be asked if you want to download the file, let the file download.
  2. Once the download is finished launch iFile, click the gear on the left of the tab bar to open the Preferences page, turn on Hidden Files and Application Names
  3. In iFile, navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/iDownloader/Documents/Downloads/, you should find the File you downloaded, Angry-Birds-Main-Theme-Song.m4r. Click Edit, Select the File, click the far right action icon on the Tab bar and select Copy
  4. Now in iFile navigate to /Library/Ringtones/, click Edit, click the same icon as the previous step and select Paste
  5. Open the settings app, click on Sounds, Ringtone, you should now see the ringtone in the list, select it and enjoy

Sure you can use this technique for any ringtone file you can find on the internet, but I think the Angry Birds theme song makes an excellent ringtone, enjoy.