Welcome to greatwebguy.com.  I'm Jason Crow, owner and author of this blog.  I'm currently an e-commerce development architect for Office Depot and work in their corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, FL., I've been with Office Depot for over 14 years in various development roles.  I have various interests related to web technology and write on several different topics.  I've been programming in one form or another since 5th grade and have had the opportunity to grow up with the web.  I love what I do and want to continue learning new technology and techniques as trends change.  I hope you enjoy my posts, some articles on the site are pretty old and no longer apply, so make sure you pay attention to the post dates.


Office Depot - Delray Beach, Florida

Architect, Ecommerce -  Aug 2011–Present

Responsible for the architecture and development of Office Depot's e-commerce platforms, focusing on website architecture and frameworks, social integration, usability, content management, site performance, and mobile.  Recently won a Global Innovation award for the design and development of our suite of native iOS and Android applications.

  • Work collaboratively with the Architecture team to produce the roadmap for Office Depot’s e-commerce applications.  Provide architectural design, coding guidelines, deployment options, framework choices, content management tools, social integrations, SOA strategy, and developer hiring standards.
  • Support 12 Agile/Scrum teams through coding standards, feature design, development and architectural guidance.
  • Work closely with business/project owners on all 3^rd^ party integrations.  Evaluate vendor solutions for time and effort to integrate, potential impact to performance, and support of post integration needs.
  • Analyze and review performance of client and server side of our web applications utilizing Compuware’s Dynatrace APM tools.  Make recommendations and architectural changes based on findings to bring performance inline with acceptable metrics.
  • Identify, review and research new technologies with a mind toward progressively enhancing our applications. Enhancing, while protecting 508 compliance, PCI compliance, and avoiding vulnerabilities according to OWASP guidelines.
  • Led integration of CoreMedia LiveContext into our e-commerce platform.
  • Led an effort with our business owners to select an enterprise-grade web content management system.   Evaluated several vendors to understand the technical capabilities and integration options including: CoreMedia LiveContext, Oracle WebCenter Sites, Adobe Experience Manager, IBM Web Content Manager, Magnolia, and dotCMS.  Went through proof of concept/technology exercises with CoreMedia, Oracle, Adobe, and Magnolia.
  • Designed, developed and rolled out a light-weight Web Content Management System enabling real-time content management, using jQuery, W2UI, CkEditor, several HTML5 API’s to integrate cross domain applications.

Lead Developer - Jan 2004–Aug 2011

Lead E-commerce developer, leading team responsible for developing Office Depot’s global B2C and B2B websites and mobile applications

  • Designed and led development of an iOS application to enhance our contract and retail e-commerce websites, including design and development of a JSON API to support native applications.
  • Responsible for development of dynamic features for Office Depot’s global e-commerce websites, utilizing Java EE technologies, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization techniques, worked closely with our SEO vendor and business to implement best practices into our websites to ensure rankings with leading Search Engine’s are protected.
  • Introduced and championed the first use of dynamic Ajax driven features on officedepot.com and International websites.  Selected jQuery and jQueryUI frameworks for feature development, designed guidelines for use of the frameworks and mentored developers.
  • Integrated the JAWR open source library into our sites to manage compression, bundling, and caching of JavaScript and CSS files to improve performance of application.
  • Implemented Endeca’s Information Access Platform, including Storefront and search merchandising, enhancements to search, navigation, and refinement of products.  The project resulted in a 2 point average conversion lift, higher visibility and increased involvement with the merchant and marketing organizations.
  • Transitioned Loyalty System from an external vendor to a proprietary system, including coordination and integration with 3^rd^ parties and internal systems.  Project was brought in ahead of schedule, saving an additional \$500,000.

Senior Test Engineer - Jan 2001–Jan 2004

Lead performance engineer responsible for all performance test design and execution for Office Depot’s North American retail and B2B websites.

  • Ensured a successful platform migration from ASP 3.0 running on IIS to Java running on WebSphere Application Server through rigorous performance testing and analysis.
  • Analyzed client and server side performance metrics throughout testing process with strong understanding of server and client side constraints and performance indicators.
  • Designed a robust set of performance test scripts written in ANSI-C using user statistics to drive dynamic weighted script execution, using Mercury’s LoadRunner suite.
  • Designed and trained team members on LoadRunner script writing and performance monitoring best practices, in order to ensure all web applications meet or exceed the required level of performance.
  • Performed application deployment for all Java applications on WebSphere Application Server, in order to design, document, and test deployment processes, led the deployment organization toward successful production deployments.

Commercial Plastics and Supply Corporation  - Boca Raton, Florida

Developer and Network Operations Specialist - Dec 1998–Dec 2000

Lead Developer of a team of Computer Technicians responsible for the development, operational management, and technical support needs of an international plastics distributor.

  • Designed, developed, and launched company’s first corporate and product website, commercialplastics.com written in ASP 3.0.
  • Designed and developed a secure corporate Intranet website, including a searchable knowledge base to facilitate the distribution of technical and business information throughout the corporation.
  • Developed a web-based ticket entry application to track technical support activity.
  • Transitioned application data from Access database to SQL Server for an internal web-based billing system.  Involved in stored procedure development and SQL Server performance tuning.
  • Deployed, tested, maintained, and provided technical support for company-wide billing system.
  • Built, configured and installed all in-house application servers and managed network operations.


Florida Atlantic University -  Boca Raton, FL

Bachelor of Science, Management, Magna cum Laude - May 2001



Oracle OpenWorld   -   San Francisco, CA – 2012/2013/2014

The Rich Web Experience  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL – November 2010

The Ajax Experience -  Boston, MA – September 2008 and 2009

Endeca Discover - Boston, MA - May 2007 and 2008

Ajax World  -  Santa Clara, CA - November 2006



Architecture  - Cloud, AWS, Docker, Swarm, N-Tiered, SOA, Mobile, Native, Front-End, MVC, CMS, CDN, 3rd party integration

Languages  - Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Objective-C, SQL, PHP

Software -  Rational Application Developer/Eclipse, XCode, Dynatrace, Endeca, WebSphere Application Server, IBM/Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, LoadRunner

APIs - Java EE, jQuery, jQuery UI,  HTML5, Endeca, Struts, Spring, JDBC, EJB, Apache Commons, XML-RPC, POI, Axis, ANT

Systems - Windows, Mac, and Linux Environments