Welcome to GreatWebGuy. I’m Jason Crow, owner and author. I started my career with the web over 20 years ago, I’ve been a performance tester, a developer, an architect, currently I’m building mobile apps in ReactNative utilizing Go services running in Kubernetes on AWS. I’m a big advocate of DevOps, Mob Programming, test driven development, continuous deployment, and using cloud native technologies. I hope to bring this blog back to life, after leaving my jQuery days behind me, and begin to write about my new experiences.

I’m currently leading an open source project called MobTime that provides a mob timer specifically for Mob Programming, at the time I’m the only contributer, but would be more than happy to accept ideas and pull requests from the community. This blog, which is written using Hugo, is also open source and can be found in the GreatWebGuy organization.

Want to ask me question? Just drop me a line at webguy@greatwebguy.com