There always comes that time, when you’re debugging a Java application, when you get to that compiled code inside that open source jar that you added to make your life easier. Whether there’s an actual bug or you’re just trying to understand some behavior or weirdness you’re getting from calling this third party API, sometimes it just helps to see the source. If you’re using Eclipse you’re in luck, things just got easier, well they’ve been easy for awhile, but if you weren’t aware of jad they just got easier.
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The biggest time-saver I’ve stumbled upon in Eclipse is the Open Resource Shortcut. Under the Navigate menu is the Open Resource command, shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows, or Commad+Shift+R on Mac, which opens a window that allows you to type a search for any file that exists in your workspace, in your search you can use the ? to replace a single character or * to replace an entire string, the search is amazingly fast.
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