There’s always that time when you need desperately to get into your home computer from work, be it to get financial or tax information or just to kick off a download of that great movie your buddy just told you about. Most of us bound behind the corporate firewall can’t get to much of anything outside of 80 or 443 as far as ports go, besides that a lot of us don’t even have rights to install new software on our computers. So we need a hack that doesn’t require any installation on our work computer, but will allow most of us to terminal into our home computer.

The hack is to allow a remote desktop connection to your computer over port 443, which is the standard http ssl port, and is typically left open for internet browsing by the sys-admin. The hack should work on most Windows 2000/XP/Vista machines. This hack will not work if you’re serving up an SSL website out of your house. Keep in mind this hack requires editing the registry and if you don’t know what your doing or modify the wrong key it could severely trash your computer, please perform at your own risk.

Step 1: Make sure Remote Desktop Sharing is enabled on your computer
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