Form input focus always seems a pain to me, I don’t like all of the generated inline javascript that struts or other frameworks add to accomplish this and it always seems to be one issue or another. So here’s a simple solution that applies focus to the last input element in the document that has a class of focus. Short and sweet, nothing fancy, requires the jQuery library of course.
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I basically needed the update button to be the default action on clicking enter in the form, but there were multiple submit buttons in my form and they weren’t in the order I needed due to UI design. This was a quick and dirty solution to select an html submit button and make it the default when a user clicks enter from certain or all input elements on the form. It could be tweaked to give specific behavior to specific types of input boxes, such as invoking a tab on enter in between required elements, but the general idea is using jQuery to click the default button when the user hits enter.
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