I was recently in need of a stock quote web service in order to display quote information and charts for a corporate website I was working on, so I started looking around for something, free of course. I kept reading that the most common example of web as a service is the stock quote example, but I didn’t really find any examples that gave me a warm and fuzzy, everyone seemed to be scraping the html from a page.
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Ran into some issues on some of our Java sites today and needed a quick fix to protect the sites from malicious Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attempts. If you’re not aware of what XSS is and have websites that have sensitive user data, you may want to read up, you’re probably vulnerable, which means your users are vulnerable. I’m not claiming this is a perfect solution, but it was easy to implement and corrected the vulnerabilities with form and url injection.
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Java image resizer servlet

I’m working on a photo gallery application running on Java 6 using Tomcat 6, JQuery for the client side, and images and xml generated from Picasa. I needed several sizes of images for thumbnails and animations and I wasn’t about to create multiple image sizes with Fireworks (I’m a lazy developer). Doing what every lazy developer does, I search Google for an image resize solution that would run on the application server and give me the sizes that I needed and take the manual work out of the equation. I found several PHP examples and disjointed Java examples, but no complete solutions. So, unfortunately I had to do some work to put something together.

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There always comes that time, when you’re debugging a Java application, when you get to that compiled code inside that open source jar that you added to make your life easier. Whether there’s an actual bug or you’re just trying to understand some behavior or weirdness you’re getting from calling this third party API, sometimes it just helps to see the source. If you’re using Eclipse you’re in luck, things just got easier, well they’ve been easy for awhile, but if you weren’t aware of jad they just got easier.
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