In your html template or page add a nojs class to your html node and a script tag in the head section below your title changing the className to js: In this very simple example all of your non-javascript users would see links with a class of myclass as red and all javascript enabled users would see the links with the color black. Both javascript and non-javascript users would see the links with the class myclass2 as blue.
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Another great “little” solution with jQuery. Needed a simple way to protect all the forms on our site from being double submitted. There was an attempted solution in place on our app, that added an onsubmit to every form with a function above it called ignoreDoubleSubmit that tried to trap the event of the button was clicked and not allow it to be clicked again. The problem was the event for the button wasn’t present when the form was submitted so it would silently error out with a blink in the Firebug console.
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DHTML dropdown menu’s have been greatly improved in terms of accessibility, standards compliance, and weight using the Suckerfish technique of building pure CSS-based menus and then attaching a small javascript that allows Internet Explorer 6 to mimic the CSS hover method. Once the die-hards hanging onto IE6 let go, we won’t have to worry much about this anymore, but for now it looks like it’s going to linger for a bit.
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